What are the unique performance advantages of oil-filled pressure transmitters compared to other types of pressure transmitters?

Publish Time: 2024-06-17
Compared with other types of pressure transmitters, oil-filled pressure transmitters have the following unique performance advantages:

High stability: Oil-filled pressure transmitters separate the outer surface of the pressure transmitter sensor from the measured medium by filling oil, and apply pressure to the external metal diaphragm. This method reduces the impact of the medium on the sensor and improves the stability of the measurement. Especially in terms of long-term stability, oil-filled pressure transmitters can better maintain accuracy.

Small temperature effect: Due to the oil-filled design, oil-filled pressure transmitters reduce the impact of temperature changes on measurement accuracy to a certain extent. Oil will expand and contract to a certain extent when the temperature changes, but the impact of this change on pressure measurement is effectively reduced, so that oil-filled pressure transmitters can maintain high measurement accuracy in environments with large temperature changes.

Applicable to special media: Oil-filled pressure transmitters can measure viscous, crystalline and corrosive media, and have a wider range of applicability. In some special industrial environments, such as petrochemicals, oil and gas wells, oil-filled pressure transmitters can work reliably.

Easy installation and maintenance: Oil-filled pressure transmitters usually adopt aluminum alloy die-cast housing, three-terminal isolation design, and are equipped with electrostatic spray protection layer, making them durable and easy to install and maintain. In addition, oil-filled pressure transmitters usually have multiple indication methods such as LED, LCD, and needle, making on-site reading very convenient.

Strong signal transmission capability: Oil-filled pressure transmitters generally use 4-20mA DC two-wire signal transmission. This signal transmission method has strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance, and is suitable for various industrial automation control environments.

Superior overall performance: While maintaining high accuracy and high stability, oil-filled pressure transmitters also have the advantages of small size, light weight, and long service life. These comprehensive performances make oil-filled pressure transmitters one of the indispensable and important equipment in the field of industrial automation control.

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