Flush Ceramic Pressure Transmitter FL-C

FL-C EN175301-803-A
FL-C Series Pressure Transmitters feature a large area flush sensing membrane enabling it to be used in applications where a typical transmitter inlet would become blocked over time.The flush design also enables easy cleaning making the series suitable for food and beverage applications.

Key Features:
Ceramic Membrane for media compatibility
Zero Dead Volume
Excellent long term stability
1~50 bar Pressure Range
Absolute and Gauge Pressure
4~20mA,0~10V,0~5V,Ratiometric Analog,I²C,RS-485 Outputs
Harsh Media Compatibility
EMC Compatibility

Applications/Media Compatibility:
Sea Water
Food and agriculture
Harsh/Aggressive Media
Media with suspended particles
Suitable for slurry and high viscosity media
Download link:https://easylink.cc/2zl3wk

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