Depth pressure transmitter: DEP Series

DEP with IP67 Cable
DEP Series Pressure Transmitters are intended for level/depth measurement using the hydrostatic principle.The series is completely sealed and meant to be submerged for extended periods of time at the required measurement depth.

Key Features:
Fully welded stainless steel sensing membrane
Excellent long term stability
0.25~30 bar Pressure Range
Absolute and Gauge Pressure
4~20 mA,0~10V,0~5V,Ratiometric Analog,I²C,RS-485 Outputs
Operation from-20~85℃
Harsh Media Compatibility
EMC Compatibility

Applications/Media Compatibility:
Pumping station control
Water level monitoring in ballast tanks
Water monitoring in lakes/dams
Sewerage and rainwater level measurement
Level measurement in silos/vessels
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