Harsh Media Pressure Transmitter: Toxon Series

Toxon EN175301-803-A
Toxon Series Pressure Transmitters are designed for extremely harsh media applications. The transmitters feature a PTFE body with a ceramic(Al₂O₃) sensing element. A variety of o-rings are offered to be compatible with almost all aggressive pressure media.

Key Features:
Ceramic(Al₂O₃)  pressure element
PTFE Housing
1~50 bar Pressure Range
Absolute and Gauge Pressure
Selection of o-ring material including NBR,EPDM,Fluorosilicone....etc
4~20mA0~10V0~5VRatiometric Analog,I²C,RS-485 Outputs
Operation from -20~85℃
EMC Compatibility

Applications/Media Compatibility:
Extremely harsh media
Chemical processing
Waste Water
Solvent Cleaning
Download link:https://easylink.cc/bt9qya

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