Thinfilm Pressure Transmitter: Poseidon Series

Poseidon with M12
Poseidon Series Pressure Transmitters feature a thinfilm on stainless steel sensor ele-ment. The internal construc-tion is fully welded eliminat-ing the possibility of failing internal seals.

Key Features:
Thinfilm pressure transmitter
High safety margin up to 4x over pressure and 20x burst pressure performance
2~2000 bar Pressure Range
4~20mA,0~10V0-5VRatiometric Analog,ICRS-485 Outputs
Media temperature-40~150℃
Shock and Vibration Resistant
Up to 500VAC insulation for specific applications
EMC Approvals

Applications/Media Compatibility:
Injection Moulding
Common Rail
Heavy Equipment/Machinery
Petroleum/CNG/LPG Industries
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