Service Strategy
We manufacture pressure transmitters and can provide solutions. In the early stage, we first pay attention to the customer's needs, and then we will meet the customer's product requirements
Provide our professional knowledge to customers for reference, and help customers design and complete a most suitable product.
1. Customers can directly select the existing products. If the existing products cannot meet the requirements, confirm whether the product is feasible according to the requirements put forward by the customer and the parameters and drawings provided. The parameters and drawings provided by the customer can be filled according to the form "Centurion_Customized Product Specification Requirement Parameter Table_Rev01", and the drawings can be placed in the empty space on the right side of the form.
2. Carry out specific quotations and confirmation of delivery dates according to the quantity required by customers.
3. After the two parties confirm the drawing, sign the contract and pay the deposit or payment.
4. After the production is completed, the customer pays off the payment for the goods, and we will deliver the goods in time and issue an invoice.
5. After-sales service, if there is any problem, feedback and deal with it in time.

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